12 Best Cases for Water Cooling in 2022

When it comes to building a PC, there are several elements that you must incorporate into your setup. This article is concerned with the best cases for water cooling that you can get in 2022. Ideal cases, especially with a water cooling feature work wonderfully in keeping the components from overheating and have them working without overload. 

Cases with water cooling work in a much more efficient manner than generic air cooling cases. However, they also cost a little more than the generic ones but still will be a good investment if you have got the money.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Water-cooling Case

There is a simple criterion to keep in mind when investing in the PC case for the water cooling of your choice-

Hardware Compatibility

Hardware compatibility shall be your topmost priority when looking for a PC case with water cooling. Make sure that the motherboards available with you can accommodate the cases you are getting.

Water cooling and Space

Keep an eye on the water cooling capabilities as well as the storage capacity of the case you are considering.

Aesthetic and Design

To most users, the designs and aesthetics of the PC case matter to some extent, and thus they should consider the various colors and RGB lighting options.

Top 12 Cases for Water Cooling

1. Thermaltake Tower 900

Thermaltake Tower 900 is the best water cooler case to invest in. It is a full tower case available in black and white colors. The storage capabilities of this case are enormous and simply impressive; it can accommodate 480 mm and 560 mm radiators simultaneously. 

Any amount of liquid configuration can be supported by this high-performance case. There is perfect isolation of the noises made by the internal components of the case. The cable management within and outside the case will prevent any hassle. 

The large size of the case also ensures its solid build that will last you for a long time and will serve its purpose perfectly fine. Thermaltake has impressed buyers with its durable and quality-intensive products yet again and this PC case is no exception in that. This is without a doubt a highly premium product and thus would be quite expensive as well.

2. Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

The next full tower type PC case in this list is the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL which is highly aesthetically pleasing along with being highly durable. The tempered glass build is one of the best things about it, surely. 

There is Distro plate compatibility and plenty of rad support in the PC case as well. The spacious interiors will easily accommodate all of your required components properly. The case has gained popularity due to its feature-packed nature and of course its spaciousness. 

This model is even larger than its predecessors, making it one of the most spacious on this list for sure.

3. Corsair Obsidian 1000D

If you are putting together a quality gaming PC setup, you need to consider the Corsair Obsidian 1000D. This is also a full tower-type water cooling case that is available in black color. The product is durable with a two-year warranty by the makers, making it one of the best pc cases for liquid cooling. 

The panels of the case are made of high-quality tempered glass for a beautifully appealing look as is suitable for a black setup and durability in the build. Overall, the materials used in the making of this case are all heavy-duty. 

All the more reasons to consider this case are its high storage capability and the compatibility it has with all motherboards. Corsair has established itself in producing top-quality PC-related components, from keyboards to air coolers for your PC. 

It has delivered magnificently in quality with all of these products. This case is also one of these many durable products.

4. Phanteks Enthoo

Phanteks Enthoo 719 provided dual system support and has a wonderful build quality; having durable materials in its forming. It possesses a lot of cool water cooling features and is considered the best water cooling pc case. 

It is yet another great option for a PC case for water cooling for it gives back greater value for the money you spend on it. The high amount of motherboard compatibility is another great factor to consider in this PC case. 

There are a lot of radiator mounting options that you get with this case as well. Additionally, you will also find a drain port that even the inexperienced can make use of.

5. NZXT H510

From NZXT comes the custom water-cooled PC case called the NZXT H510. It is a compact mid-tower type case available in black, red, and white colors (very fitting colors for all types of PC setup aesthetics). 

The H510 packs great thermal performance as well as an appealing, modern aesthetic with its build. If you are looking for a compact and hassle-free setup, consider this best liquid cooling case compactly designed case that will serve well as a PC component. 

The case dons a vertical GPU Mounting along with 3 RGB lit fans and RGB lighting strips. One of the best products that you will consider for your PC will come to a lot of times from NZXT. 

This PC case is also one of the cheapest water-cooling-enabled cases on this list. Its compatibility with all types of motherboards adds to its list of features. The build and design of the case are optimized to enable the best possible cooling and airflow.

6. Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL

Yet another full tower-type PC case for water cooling comes into the list as the Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL which provides you with larger radiator support than most. This also means that the PC case is highly spacious and will fit in all of your PC components with great ease. 

There are up to 23 total positions for the drive mounts available in the case. Though not packing as much aesthetic appeal as some of the other options on the list, this case does have an effective mesh front which helps it in the appeal a little.

7. CoolerMaster MasterBox NR200p

You will get a whole range of unique color options with the CoolerMaster MasterBox NR200p in black, white, blue, pink, orange, and purple. It is a small form factor mini ITX type of PC case. This water cooling pc case also comes with a Riser card for vertical GPU mounting in the package. 

Although of a smaller design than most, it still has impressive storage capabilities. It is a very durable build made of sturdy materials like tempered glass that provides good value for the money. The cable management, in this case, is hassle-free and the cooling system is quite impressive on its own as well. 

The Taiwanese brand has lived up to the mark and delivered very well in terms of quality PC components. This case performs brilliantly, given the size it is of. It is certainly the best ITX-type water cooling case that you can get at the moment.

8. Thermaltake Core P1

Another Mini ITX in this list of cases for water cooling is the Thermaltake Core P1. Although it only comes in the color black, its design gives it a certain unique aesthetic appeal of its own. This is not simply an impressive ITX case with a modular design but also one of the best PC cases that you can get while on a budget. 

The build quality is top-notch and the materials are of the highest durability. You also get great cable management with this product which just adds to its charm. It also has a Tempered Glass Edition which looks splendid. 

Thermaltake, as mentioned before, is committed to providing one of the best PC products in the market, and in the case of this product, they have yet again shown their spectacular design. It has enough space to accommodate 240 mm radiators, which shows just how good it is with space.

9. Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case

Leave it to the Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case to be the most unique in function and design as a PC case, out of the others. It is designed to work with a 360 mm water-cooling radiator at the top and a 240 mm radiator at the front. 

The case is covered with thick tempered glass on the side through which you can observe the entire function and mechanism of the product. It has three pre-installed LED fans that keep your PC components cool and working efficiently for longer durations. The case is extremely easy to assemble and will go seamlessly with your setup.

10. Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB

Another PC case for water cooling from Corsair is the iCUE 5000T RGB. It is without a doubt the most beautiful white PC case for water cooling with built-in RGB support. It is an ATX Mid-Tower type of case that is available in black and white. 

The interior of the case is spacious to accommodate your components and also can manage the cables perfectly well. A good amount of I/O ports are present in this product. The build is quite durable as well and the design is simply gorgeous. It is made of primarily tempered glass and steel. 

There are three built-in fans in the case as well as six lighting strips. The radiators in the case are 360 mm each and are ample for keeping the system from overheating itself. Corsair again impresses with the high-performing and lasting product that is sure to add charm to your setup.

11. FSP ATX Mid Tower PC Computer Gaming Case

The FSP ATX Mid Tower PC Computer Gaming Case is simply one of the most beautiful cases you can get, along with the fact that it is perfect if you are putting together a Gaming PC setup. The build is semi-transparent tempered glass on three sides and the case is fitted with five RDB LED lights.

The spacious nature of the case allows it to have two built-in USB 3.0 ports and enough space too for graphics cards up to 400 mm, a CPU air cooler up to 165 mm, and a water cooling radiator of up to 360 mm.

12. Thermaltake DistroCase 350p

Thermaltake comes into the list once again with its kind of PC case that has a built-in water reservoir. The DistroCase 350p is a mid-tower ATX case that comes in black. Its astonishing modular design makes it an irresistible choice. 

There is also a drainage port at the back of the case to avoid overflowing and mishaps. The wide variety of I/O ports and D5 Pump and radiator mounting brackets are more of its many features. You will also find an in-built distro plate in this case. 

The entire components of the PC case are visible due to a tempered glass dimension which makes it look wonderful. Users can also control and customize the beautiful RGB lights in this case, another plus point. Even though the case has space for just one radiator, it still performs very well so it plays in its favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best case for water cooling?

A. One of the best cases that you can get for water cooling at the moment is Thermaltake Tower 900.

2. Do you need a special case for water cooling?

A. Nowadays, a major amount of PC cases support water cooling so you may not need a new one.

3. Do all PC cases support liquid cooling?

A. No, not all but most of them support water cooling.

4. Can you water cool a mid-tower?

A. Yes, some of the mid towers can support water cooling.

5. Is water cooling worth it?

A. The cooling provided through water cooling is unmatched when compared to other types and thus is a very good option that you should consider.


There are several aspects to keep in mind before buying the ideal cooling case for you, as discussed in this article. Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the information that you need to know before buying the best cases for water cooling. These 12 options are worth checking out.

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