10 Best DDR5 RAM for Gaming in 2022

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you know how important and powerful a DDR5 RAM is. Unlike the DDR memory you’re used to, the best DDR5 RAM for gaming features new high-bandwidth memory controllers that provide better bandwidth, a lower latency, and better power consumption. It is also faster than DDR4 RAM, which improves your computer’s performance.

So without further ado, let’s hop into the list of 5 best DDR5 RAMs for Gaming. However, before that, let’s have a look at what it actually is.

What is DDR5?

DDR5 RAM (memory) offers speed and efficiency. The DDR5 standard is the next big thing in RAM technology. In case you haven’t noticed, RAM is the type of storage used within the computer. It’s recognized as Random Access Memory, or RAM for short, and it basically helps your computer process information quickly. Recently, DDR5 RAM has become the newest standard. It’s faster and more efficient than DDR4 RAM. DDR5 RAM is also more compatible with mobile computing.

DDR5 RAM is the fifth generation of DDR memory. Unlike previous generations, DDR5 RAM is designed to operate at speeds up to 2133MHz. Before DDR5 RAM, DDR memory operated at speeds up to 800MHz. The transfer speed of DDR5 RAM is also much faster than DDR memory. DDR5 RAM can operate at speeds up to 2133MHz, while DDR memory operates at speeds up to 1066MHz. Faster transfer speeds, combined with increased capacity, make DDR5 RAM ideal for high-performance computers.

The DDR5 memory standard operates at 2.5 Gbps, compared to 1.5 Gbps of DDR3, and it offers four-lanes and 16-bit bus width as compared to the four-lanes and 32-bit bus width of DDR3. The DDR3 memory standard offers a 2133 MHz clock speed, while the DDR5 memory standard offers a 2666 MHz clock speed.

Best DDR5 RAMs for Gaming

as of April 1, 2023 6:07 am
as of April 1, 2023 6:07 am
as of April 1, 2023 6:07 am
Last updated on April 1, 2023 6:07 am

1. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 64GB

  • RAM Size: 64GB (2x32GB)
  • Speed Rating: PC5-41600
  • Package Memory Format: DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 5200MHz
  • Voltage: 1.25V
  • Latency: 40-40-40-77

Although DDR5 RAMs are not still popular amongst the masses, they offer double the bandwidth while keeping the voltage consumption to the minimum. Corsair Dominator is the latest addition to the company’s DD5 arsenal. Yes, the kit will cost you a fortune, but if you are looking to achieve the highest performance, the investment is worth it.

The kit consists of 2 32GB DDR5 RAMs with a speed rating of PC5-41600 and a maximum clock rate of 5200 MHz. The testes latency of RAMs is on the higher side with 40-40-40-77 at a lower 1.25V.

The RAMs are made of aluminum alloy with die-casting and anodization process. The ICs are hand-screened and custom circuit boards ensure strong signal strength, stability, and a smooth overclocking experience. As of now, the kit is optimized only for Intel 600 series processor/DDR5 motherboard with many others in the pipeline.

To manage the temperatures, DDR5 kit, Corsair has introduced DHX cooling system with embedded heat spreaders. You can push the module to its absolute limit without worrying about the temperature. 

The module also features 12 independent CAPELLIX RGB LEDs to light up your cabinet while keeping the power consumption to a minimum. You can easily customize the lighting effect, and save your profiles through Corsair’s iCue software. There is XMP 3.0 support to save your performance settings so that you don’t have to manually tweak the settings every time.

The performance of Dominator Platinum is second to none. You can open over 100 tabs in your web browser, render 4K videos, create high-quality content, or play the most graphically demanding games. In our test, we were able to keep 8 games in the background, and 50 tabs in Google Chrome while watching 4K videos simultaneously. 

2. Kingston Fury Beast 32GB

  • RAM Size: 32GB (2x16GB)
  • RAM Type: DDR5
  • Package Memory Format: DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 5200MHz
  • Voltage: 1.25V
  • Latency: 40-40-40

Kingston Fury beast is a significant upgrade to the company’s previous DDR4 module with a similar name. Being a DDR5, it offers twice the bandwidth and capacity as well as improved overclocking with XMP 3.0 certification. Let’s find out what Kingston has to offer with this RAM kit.

It’s a combination of 2 26GB DDR5 and a default clock rate of 5200 MHz. Each module has Intel XMP 3.0 support for an extreme overclocking facility with some of the high-end gaming motherboards. The tested latency is 40-40-40 at a significantly low 1.25V. 

Being a DDR5, there is On-die ECC (Error Correction Code) that improves data transfer speed and enhances the performance under heavy loads. Also, there are twice the number of banks as well as two 32-bit subchannels, making sure that data flows smoothly and efficiently while playing heavy games or using high-end software. 

Unlike the Corsair Dominator, this RAM kit has been tested on and supported by some of the leading motherboard manufacturers including MSI, Asus, and GIGABYTE.

As far as design and cooling are concerned, Kingston Fury beast features low-profile aluminum geat spreaders for faster heat dissipation. The company claims that the operating temperature never exceeds 85 degrees.

When it comes to performance, the true potential of the kit is yet to be determined but you will notice drastic improvements in terms of frame rate while gaming. You can easily keep a few programs in the background, render 3D animation, live stream 4K+ videos, and still be able to play any game. 

3. Kingston Technology Fury Beast Black 64GB

  • RAM Size: 64GB (2x32GB)
  • Package Memory Format: DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 5600 MHz
  • RAM type: DDR5
  • Voltage: 1.25
  • Latency: CL 40

Fury Beast 64GB is a high-end RAM kit from Kingston. It’s a faster version of the 32GB model that clocks at 5600 MHz while offering twice the capacity.

The memory kit holds 2 32GB DDR5 with CL 40 latency at 1.25V. The default clock speed is 5600 MHz with significant overclocking headspace. Similar to other models from the Fury Beast series, each kit is XMP 3.0 certified with pre-defined overclocking profiles and voltage levels. 

On-Die Correction code ensures lightening fast data transfer speeds while maintaining the data integrity, allowing you to extract the most out of your CPUs during multitasking.

There are 2 32-nit subchannels along with 2 banks making sure the data flows smoothly and you get a stable and reliable performance while executing graphically demanding tasks including gaming. 

Aluminum heat spreaders do a decent job of dissipating the heat towards the cooling vent and keeping the modules cool during extreme loads. Also, the low profile design of heat spreaders makes it easy to fit into the compact cabinets, leaving enough room for heat sinks and fans. 

Performance is what you would expect from a top-tier DDR5 kit. You can keep 120 tabs in the browser, telecast 4K+ videos, and keep more than 15 software in the background easily. In terms of gaming, the overall responsiveness of games improved as well as loading time and frame rates. 

4. Corsair Vengeance DDR5 64GB

  • RAM Size: 64GB (2x32GB)
  • Package Memory Format: DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 5200 MHz
  • Speed Rating: PC5-41600
  • Voltage: 1.25V
  • Latency: 40-40-40-77

The vengeance series from Corsair is widely known for its high-end DDR4 modules. The company has extended the lineup with the introduction of the latest DDR5 bars. These memory kits provide almost double the speeds for the same capacity as well as a lower operating voltage. Let’s dig deeper.

The package holds a couple of 32GB DDR5 memory sticks with PC5-41600 speed rating and a standard clock count of 5200 MHz. The latency of this particular model is 40-40-40-77 at 1.25V, something we don’t see with DDR4 models. Furthermore, you can regulate the operating voltage based on the requirement through Corsair’s iCue software. 

With Vengeance DDR5, you don’t have to adjust the performance parameters while saving your XMP profiles. The kit is XMP 3.0 certified and can customize and save your performance profiles depending on a particular software or game.

Each RAM module is made of multi-layers custom printed boards and ICs ensuring a vetter overclocking capacity and stability. Thick aluminium heat spreaders directs the heat away from the ICs quickly so that you never suffer from scorching temperatures while playing your favorite games.

While gaming, the difference is easily noticeable. Compared to DDR4, the loading time improved by over 3-4 seconds and the overall game response was fantastic. We tested majority of high-end games including CoD, GTA 5, and Assassin’s Creed and the gameplay was extraordinary with highest frame rates possible.

The low profile design factor and smaller size of the kit make it easy to fit into a cluttered cabinet, leaving enough space for heat sinks and fans. 

5. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series 32GB

  • RAM Size: 32GB (2x16GB)
  • Package Memory Format: DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 6400 MHz
  • Speed Rating: PC5-51200
  • Voltage: 1.40V
  • Latency: 32-39-39-102

Trident series by G.Skill is known for its stunning RGB memory kits. The Trident Z5 RGB is a flagship high-frequency kit that is optimized for Intel 12th Gen CPU and Z690 chipset.

The kit has 2 16GB DDR5 modules of PC5-51200 rating and a default clock rate of 6400 MHz. The tested latency for default XMP is 32-39-39-102 at 1.4V which is higher than we expected from this expensive RAM kit.

Each module is designed with hand-picked DDR ICs and multi-layer custom PCBs to extract the top performance from high-end computers. An XMP 3.0 support makes overclocking easy. All you need to do is enable the XMP from the BIOS and you are ready to go. 

The heat spreaders work as good as they look. A trademark Trident high-grade aluminum design with a sleek profile gives the kit a premium look altogether. As far as cooling is concerned, we all know Trident series heat spreaders are very efficient in heat dissipation. On the top, you get a translucent RGB light, spread across the stick. You can download G.Skill Lighting control software or a third-party software supported by your motherboard to modify the RGB effects.

If you are looking to build a heavy gaming PC and planning to spend long hours with the games, the Trident Z5 is not going to disappoint you. Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Halo Infinite, you name it. The kit is more then capable of handling some of the most graphically demanding games from 2022. 

6. G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB Series 32GB (6000 MHz)

  • RAM Size: 32GB (2x16GB)
  • Package Memory Format: DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 6000 MHz
  • Speed Rating: PC5-48000
  • Voltage: 1.35V
  • Latency: CL36-36-36-96

G.Skill Trident Z5 is another flagship series memory kit that is designed to squeeze extreme performance from Intel 12th Gen and higher CPUs. As if now, the kit is compatible only with Z690 chipsets or higher.

It has 2 16GB DIMM memory modules with PC5-48000 performance rating and CAS latency of 36-36-36-96 at 1.35V. The default clock speed of the kit is 6000 MHz. 

Similar to other Trident series models, this one is also made of multi-layers PCBs and hand-screened ICs providing the highest stability and signal reliability. The Trident’s trademark aluminium design and RGB light bar on top gives the RAM kit a premium look, making us believe that the product, in fact is keeping a lot of performance. 

There is XMP 3.0 support for each module, meaning you don’t have to customize your performance profiles every time you play a different game. All the XMP settings can be easily saved using iCue software. You can simply go to your BIOS and select XMP and your system is ready to be overclocked.

Although there is no ODECC, the dual-channel and double the number of Banks ensure a smooth flow of data. The memory kit has been designed for gamers and overclocking enthusiasts. You can easily play any game while keeping the temperature to a bare minimum. 

7. Crucial RAM 64GB Kit

  • RAM Size: 64GB (2x32GB)
  • RAM Type: DDR5
  • Package Memory Format: DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 4800MHz
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Latency: CL40 (40-39-39)

Crucial has been amongst the top memory producers in the world. Their DDR5 sticks are not affordable by any means, but if you compare them with other mainstream brands, they offer good value for the money. The model we are talking about packs almost 1.5 times more performance than a Crucial 64Gb DDR4. 

The kit includes 2 32GB DDR5 memories with 40-39-39 latency timings at very low 1.1-1.2V voltage. The standard clock speed of the kit is 4800 MHz with plenty of overclocking overhead in terms of performance. 

In its first appearance, the Crucial stick doesn’t appear extraordinary. The heat spreaders are missing and you only get a couple of 32GB RAMs. But the company has put a lot of engineering into these memory bars with the help of Micron technology, a popular computer hardware manufacturer in the USA. 

Each module features power management integrated circuits for on-module voltage regulation which is a relatively new technology in DDR5 RAM kits. It improves signal strength while keeping the power consumption significantly low. As a matter of fact, Curial operating voltage can be as low as 1.1V, something you would never experience with conventional DDR4s.

Similar to other DDR5 RAM kits, there is a couple of 32-bit separate channels for each module along with on-Die Error control code that result in performance stability as well as reliability. 

There is huge boost to the raw performance such as lightening fast loading times for heavy software and games, improved multitasking, quick data transfers, crazy read/wrote speeds, etc. 

In terms of gaming, you can do wonders with Crucial sticks. Yes, we would have appreciated integrated heat spreaders but if you have a decent cooling system on your motherboard, you can put these bad boys and play any game you want at the highest frame rate settings. The overall response time is great and there are no occasional lags whatsoever. 

8. CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB

  • RAM Size: 32GB (2x16GB)
  • Package Memory Format: Unbuffered DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 5600 MHz
  • Speed Rating: PC5-44800
  • Voltage: 1.25V
  • Latency: C36 (36-36-36-76)

Corsair’s Dominator offer high-performance memory sticks with almost double the performance of a same capacity DDR4 while limiting the power consumption for up to 30%. DDR5 is not as mainstream as DDR4 yet, but if you happen to own an Intel 600 series processor and DDR5 motherboard, you can reward yourself with this blazing-fast memory to extract the best performance from your high-end system.

The 2 aluminum memory sticks in the kit have a speed rating of PC5-44800 and CAS latency of C36 at a low 1.25V. The default clock rate is 5600 MHz and you can start overclocking right away thanks to XMP 3,0 support. All you need to do is enable the XMP profile from your system BIOS. The build quality is top-notch, exactly what you would expect from the flagship product from a top brand like Corsair. 

Each module is made of multi-layer custom PCBs and high-quality ICs which have been picked by a tough screening process to ensure the highest signal stability and performance. There is on-board voltage resolution which you can control easily from Corsair iCue software. 

To keep things cool, there is DHX cooling technology that keeps the ICs and PCB cool even during extremely demanding tasks. If you’re into aesthetics, there are 12 individual CAPELLIX RGB LEDs that can be controlled from iCue software for stunning lighting effects.

The problem with DDR5 modules is that there is not much performance data available at the moment because most of the CPUs and motherboards are not designed to take the advantage of the pure performance of these kits. 

Based on our experience with other DDR5, we expect the performance of Corsair Dominator to be above par. You can easily handle 80-100 tabs in any web browser, create/edit/render UHG content, and run some of the heaviest editing or programming software. 

As far as gaming is concerned, expect top-level performance from these kits. Graphically demanding games should work well at high frame rates. The gaming performance is going to be the same as the 64GB Dominator model only with nano seconds of delay, something you wouldn’t notice from the naked eye. Currently, most DDR5 are optimized only for high-end processors and motherboards as we expect the manufacturers to shift the development more towards DDR5 in the next couple of years. 

9. CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 32GB DDR5 5600

  • RAM Size: 32GB (2x16GB)
  • Package Memory Format: Unbuffered DIMM
  • Clock Speed: 5600 MHz
  • Speed Rating: PC5-44800
  • Voltage: 1.25V
  • Latency: 36-36-36-76
  • Compatibility: Intel 600 series

DDR5 technology is relatively new and not all processors and motherboards can take the advantage of their performance but as the technology will progress, the Corsair Vengeance series will welcome the change with its advanced DDR5 RAM kits. 

The one we are talking about has 2 16GB DDR5 modules which can be clocked at 5600 MHz by default. The speed rating is PC5-44800 and latency cycle timings are a bit on the higher side (36-36-36-78) at a low voltage of 1.25V. You can download iCue software to take the advantage of onboard voltage regulation to gain maximum stability while overclocking. 

Each memory stick is XMP 3.0 certified and can easily be set for overclocking. There is no need to set the performance profile every time for separate games or software. Simply enable XMP from BIOS and you are ready to push the limits. 

Vengeance kit has durable aluminum heat spreaders for efficient heat dissipation. The modules are made with custom PCBs and high-quality ICs so improve signal stability and performance. Also, the low profile design will fit easily into any board, leaving enough room for heat sinks and cooling equipment.

If are a hardcore gamer and overclocking enthusiast, the Corsair Vengeance is going to fulfill all your requirements. You can play the most graphically demanding games at the highest settings. Also, the response time is going to be improved drastically. DD5 is better at data transfer meaning you can keep the game in the background while working on other things and pick up from where you left off without killing the progress. 

10. CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 32GB DDR5 5200

  • Compatibility: Intel 600 series
  • RAM Size: 32GB (2x16GB)
  • Package Memory Format: DIMM (unbuffered)
  • Clock Speed: 5200 Mhz
  • Speed Rating: PC5-41600
  • Voltage: 1.25V
  • Latency: 40-40-40-77

The last one in our list of gaming RAMs is again a 32GB Corsair Vengeance kit which is clocked at 5200 MHz and is designed for intense gaming and multitasking at the same time. 

The speed rating of each module is PC5-41600 with a reasonable latency speed of 40-40-40-77 at 1.25V. DDR5 consumes way less power than DDR4 which improves data transfer speeds as well as signal reliability. 

The modules are made of custom-selected ICs and multi-layer high-standard printed circuit boards ensuring a top-tier performance as well as signal stability. The aluminum heat spreaders go well with the low-profile design factor. The spreaders are very efficient in conducting the heat away from the ICs and more towards the cooling vent. 

The modules are XMP 3.0 certified, meaning you don’t have to manually tweak the settings every time you are looking to overclock. One BIOS setting is all it takes to enable the overclocking with XMP 3.0 support.

The kit is relatively smaller in size which is an added advantage because it can fit into any DDR5 gaming motherboard that usually requires intense cooling systems. With Vengeance, you have more space for heat sinks so that you can forget about overheating while playing your favorite games on the computer. 

An efficient cooling system, XMP support, and high-quality PCBs, the Corsair Vengeance has everything you would expect from a flagship gaming RAM to squeeze out every bit of the performance from your high-end computer. The RAM kit is capable of handling any game at its maximum graphic settings even with a few applications in the background.

If your motherboard is capable of unlocking the full potential of a DDR5, you will experience a gaming experience as you’ve never before. Say goodbye to slow-loading games and delayed responses, and step into the new gaming age with the Corsair excellent Vengeance memory kits. 


What’s the fastest DDR5 RAM?

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

Is there DDR5 RAM?

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5
G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR5
Corsair Vengeance DDR5
GeIL Polaris RGB DDR5
Crucial DDR5 4800Mhz

What is DDR5 RAM good for?

DDR5 RAM speeds up your computer by allowing you to access data by a faster, smaller process.

Can DDR4 go in the DDR5 slot?

No. DDR4 modules are only compatible with new motherboards.

Is DDR5 worth buying?

DDR5 is the first generation of DDR memory. Better memory performance using new technology. So definitely worth it to buy DDR5 memory.


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